Tuesday, June 22, 2010


A couple days ago I was pleasantly surprised by a cyber/chilean friend. I got these two beautiful gifts from her. She has a wonderful blog (in Spanish), please go visit it, I highly recommend it! So many dishes that remind my childhood and life in my beloved Chile! Thank you, so much Angelica!!! You can visit her blog just clicking in here.

Now, the big challenge! Who do I give these beautiful awards? Lots of you out there read our blogs and get inspired with new flavors, new recipes, new stories, etc. I also want to thank you, my blogger buddies for the effort you put in every post. Sharing your talent with the cyber world!

So, here we go:

- Stefania. I've became her follower a few weeks ago. Even though her blog is in Italian, there is so much to learn!!! (Awesome, awesome pictures too!)

- Pilar. A chilean/cyber friend that I met through the blog and got to meet several of you! She has beautiful and delicious recipes. Her breads are amazing!

- Sol. Her recipes are so delicious and they always look so fresh!

- Annie. She is my hero! I follow her blog for a little bit more than a year. Her recipes are so good!!! Easy to make and look so fancy! She is amazing!

Thanks again, Angelica!!!! Te pasaste!!

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Annie said...

Mohana felicitaciones por tus premios.